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Quantifying the tradeoff between sequencing depth and cell number in single-cell RNA-seq

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

interesting perspective on cancer research in wsj + upcoming book

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

The focus is on improving detection vs. treatment of late stage disease.

genome-wide starr-seq + sources of experimental bias

Monday, August 13th, 2018

quite relevant

Resolving systematic errors in widely used enhancer activity assays in human cells

Felix Muerdter
, Łukasz M Boryń
, Ashley R Woodfin
, Christoph Neumayr
, Martina Rath
, Muhammad A Zabidi
, Michaela Pagani
, Vanja Haberle
, Tomáš Kazmar
, Rui R Catarino
, Katharina Schernhuber
, Cosmas D Arnold
& Alexander Stark

Nature Methods volume 15, pages141–149 (2018)

Direct Identification of Hundreds of Expression-Modulating Variants using a Multiplexed Reporter Assay: Cell

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

Identification of…expr.-Modulating Variants using #MPRA, by @sabeti_lab Some w. allelic skew related to PWM change

Learning the Sequence Determinants of Alternative Splicing from Millions of Random Sequences: Cell

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Learning the…Determinants of Alternative #Splicing [in a largely linear model] from Millions of Random Sequences

** Rosenberg et al Cell. 2015

Builds a model of splicing using a library of randomized sequence Also, builds a generalized model for predicting effect of a SNP in the Geuvadis RNAseq
7mer model does well with lots of data