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Sunday’s Total Lunar Eclipse Will Be a ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ – WSJ

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

fundamentals of data visualization

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

available online by the author

reMarkable | The paper tablet

Sunday, January 13th, 2019


Detecting evolutionary forces in language change | Nature

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

How the English language has evolved like a living creature | Science | AAAS

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Limonene – Wikipedia

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Free Rocketbook Pages

Monday, December 31st, 2018

if “I don’t want to erase the pages. But I like the input system.”

photo captured with 24.9 billion pixels

Saturday, December 29th, 2018

seamless zoom down to the level of individual faces

3D printed double helix DNA Christmas tree

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Flexible statistical methods for estimating and testing effects in genomic studies with multiple conditions

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

seems to be better for eQTLs