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How bike-sharing conquered the world

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

“Health benefits are harder to quantify, especially in smoggy cities like Beijing. Mobike has found that its bikes are used more or less as much when the air is really bad as when it is not, suggesting that the good done by exercise may be undone by heavy breathing in toxic air. But in less-polluted cities the gains from exercise are larger than the risks from road accidents or air pollution, according to a study of Barcelona in the British Medical Journal.

How #bikesharing conquered the world Using tech to overcome the problem of theft. Getting health benefits from exercise to counterbalancing breathing polluted air. Reducing congestion a bit.

On Your Bike, Watch Out for the Air – The New York Times

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

“This elaborate gadgetry is part of a five-year study that aims to find out at what point the harm done by pollution to cyclists might outweigh the health benefits accrued from the exercise.

The strapped-on sensors measure levels of PM 2.5, the fine particulate matter that is about one-thirtieth the diameter of a human hair and thought to be particularly harmful to health. The tiny particles, including black carbon, the main component of soot, penetrate deep into the lungs and bloodstream and may lead to the development of respiratory illnesses like asthma and lung cancer. Even relatively short-term exposures can increase body-wide inflammation and boost the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks.

A 2014 report issued by the New York City Health Department said that particulates in the air cause more than 2,000 premature deaths and 6,000 emergency room visits and hospitalizations each year.

On Your #Bike, Watch Out for the Air City riding may bad for the lungs, involving inhaling air w/ high PM 2.5 levels

More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane – The New York Times

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

More NYers Opting for…the Bike Lane – 450k trips/day v. 170k in ’05 But there’s #bikelash from walkers & drivers