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A Search for Anti-Aging Secrets Starts With the Blood of 600 Estonians | WIRED

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Search for #AntiAging Secrets Starts w. Blood [biomarkers] Alternatively walking speed may be test best predictor

“It’s possible this is all a wild goose chase, and that we already have a powerful biomarker for aging. Steve Cummings, a longtime aging researcher at UCSF, pulled together NIH study data from over 30,000 people over 30 years to look for markers of disease-free survival. The strongest, most consistent signal he found isn’t in blood at all: It’s walking speed. …
They identified a few molecules as well, like cystatin-C, which tells you how healthy your kidneys are (can’t live without your kidneys), and a few other measurements that reflect inflammation. But even with lots more molecules to work with, Cummings still thinks that blood-based tests are more hype than anything else. “Even 20 to 30 predictors together adds only a little to prediction of survival by age,” Cummings says. “And I’m confident that walking speed alone will outperform any new biological marker.””