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Why do we keep expecting robots to kill us?

Friday, July 10th, 2015

Why do we…expect…robots to kill us? Freak accident & coincidental reporting leads to skynet/#Terminator posts

“The news flashed around the world, every headline a variation on the classic “man bites dog” — Robot Kills Man. To make matters more ominous, one of the reporters tweeting about the story was the Financial Times’ Sarah O’Connor — who was apparently unaware of the Terminator franchise featuring her namesake, Sarah Connor, and didn’t understand why so many of her replies talked about something called Skynet becoming self-aware.

Never mind that the robot in question was a relatively prosaic piece of machinery, a giant arm designed to operate within a cage, far away from humans. Never mind that, according to the preliminary assessment, the worker was at fault. Never mind that since the first robot-related death was reported in 1979, we’ve seen fewer than one such incident per year. Toilets, zippers and pants all cause more deaths than robots.

But we see what we want to see, and apparently what we want to see is the robopocalypse.”