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In Scrap-Metal Market, Buyers Have to Tell ‘Darth’ From ‘Vader’

Monday, April 18th, 2016

In #Scrap…Market, Buyers Have to Tell Darth From Vader Elmo for intact electric motors & Shelmo for shredded ones


““I like a little double entendre,” says Mr. Goodman, recalling how he made up “Elmo” so that U.S. traders could sell recycled electric motors to China, and “Shelmo” for shredded electric motors. “You should have heard the chuckles when I proposed that.”

The result reads like absurdist poetry but helps buyers distinguish Cocoa (shredded wire containing at least 99% copper but no more than 0.25% tin) from Cobra (shredded wire with minimum 97% copper and not more than 0.5% aluminum). Zorba is a mix of eight metals.”