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The indulgent world of F. Scott Fitzgerald | New York Post

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

The indulgent world of…Fitzgerald What the #GreatGatsby’s E & W Egg look like now: F. Scott’s modest home at ~$3M

The real locations of West & East Egg + The Great Gatsby’s author’s real home, currently valued at $3M


It was in this atmosphere of money — old and new, elegant and garish — that the idea for Fitzgerald’s most celebrated novel, “The Great Gatsby,” took shape.

The Fitzgerald house is up for sale for $2.999 million. It’s been expanded over the years, but it still looks like it did in 1922.

The Gold Coast itself does not. What was once a pastoral escape for the superrich has become a sprawling suburb, with condominiums occupying tracts of land that were once polo fields.

But the geography is the same, and here and there you can catch glimpses of places that may have inspired “The Great Gatsby.”

Fitzgerald famously named the two peninsulas that jet out into the Long Island Sound “East Egg” and “West Egg.”

He liked the word egg, calling friends “colossal eggs” and enemies “unspeakable eggs,” writes biographer Jeffrey Meyers.