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Do Data From Wearables Belong In The Medical Record?

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Do Data From #Wearables Belong In The Medical Record? by @dshaywitz The dichotomy: High-quality morsels v messy gobs

I suspect that the routine use of wearable data by the medical establishment will closely parallel that of genomic data: everyone will agree that it’s interesting, and represents an area that should be followed closely, but relatively few pioneers will actually jump in, and really start collecting data and figuring out how all this works; the return on investment will be hard to define, the
uncertainty viewed as too high.

It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the same innovators that are early adopters of genomics (e.g. pursue whole genome sequencing on an ambitious scale) will be also be the earliest adopters of data from wearables, with the idea that the combination of rich genotype plus rich phenotype is likely to be an important source of insight (again, keep in mind that I work at a genomic data company). Within pharma, I’d suspect many of the largest companies (playing not to lose) will pursue lightly-resourced exploratory projects in this area, while companies I’ve called mid-size disruptors are more likely to take a real run at this, as part of a more confident and aggressive strategy of playing to win.

I’m obviously a passionate and long-time believer in the value of collecting and colliding large volumes of data, but I also recognize that this remains largely an unproven proposition, and I can understand why anxious administrators, prudent physicians, cautious corporations, and sensible investigators might prefer to place their bets elsewhere at the moment, deciding it’s still too early to jump in.