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Limits of Amazon..

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Even Amazon, a Colossus, Has Its Limits, by @mims Quote: “Imagine the data-collecting power of $FB wedded to the supply-chain empire of $WMT — that’s $AMZN.” But I thought Wal-mart was pretty good at data collection & analytics!

All of these moves fit into Amazon’s core mission as a data-driven instant- gratification company. Its fanaticism for customer experience is enabled by every technology the company can get its hands on, from data centers to drones. Imagine the data-collecting power of Facebook wedded to the supply-chain empire of Wal-Mart—that’s Amazon. “}}


Saturday, December 30th, 2017

sizes of small backpacks

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Searching for a small backpack….

Product Dimensions: 16.2 x 10.2 x 5.5 inches 10.2 x 3.5 x 14.6 inches = ~520 cu inches

alite Ochiba
Weight: 1.7 lbs. Dimensions: 20″x12.3″x7.5″
Volume: 23.0 liters

Alite Kincaid Pack
VOLUME (L)13 LWEIGHT (LBS.)1.15 lb/0.52 kg
DIMENSIONS (IN.)H 16.5″ x W 12.0″ x D 6.0

Alite Shifter
Weight: 2.1 lbs. Dimensions: 21″x13″x8″
Volume: 31.0 liters Materials:

6 x 12 x 13.5 inches
Shipping Weight0.7 pounds
2.5 x 12.3 x 13.3 inches = ~400 cubic inches = ~6.5 L
like this one but no longer exists

Out of stock
VOLUME (L)15 litersWEIGHT (LBS.)0.70 lbsDIMENSIONS (IN.)
H 15.5″ x W 10.5″ x D 5″

Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag 10.2 x 1.5 x 14 inches = ~210 cu inches

Converting an AMZN giftcard number into a clickable URL

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

starting w/
Claim Code:
(now redeemed) works

doesn’t work


Note that using
flips to code
in the box, so then going with
works Karin’s review of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen SPF 30+, …

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Nice writeup of difference betw. sensitive, baby and sport versions

The Amazon Echo’s always-listening feature entangles it in a murder case | PCWorld

Friday, January 6th, 2017

The $AMZN Echo’s always-listening feature entangles it in a murder
case Did the victim say “#Alexa, call the cops”

Wal-Mart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf – WSJ

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Appears to be a victory for amazon

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

Monday, January 18th, 2016

The Life & Death of an $AMZN Warehouse Temp Monitoring every move for max efficiency. Assembly Line of the future?

“In the years since Amazon became the symbol of the online retail economy, horror stories have periodically emerged about the conditions at its warehouses—workers faced with near-impossible targets, people dropping on the job from heat or extreme fatigue. This isn’t one of those stories. Jobs at Amazon are physically demanding and the expectations can be high, but the company’s fulfillment centers are not sweatshops. In late September, I visited the Chester warehouse for an hour-long guided tour. Employees were working at a speed that seemed brisk yet reasonable. There were no idle moments, but no signs of exhaustion, either.

At the same time, we are living in an era of maximum productivity. It has never been easier for employers to track the performance of workers and discard those who don’t meet their needs. This applies to employees at every level, from warehouse grunts to white-collar workers like those at Amazon headquarters who were recently the subject of a much-discussed New York Times piece about the company’s brutally competitive corporate culture. The difference is that people like Jeff don’t have the option of moving to Google, Microsoft or a tech startup eager to poach managers and engineers with Amazon on their resume.

When it comes to low-wage positions, companies like Amazon are now able to precisely calibrate the size of its workforce to meet consumer demand, week by week or even day by day. Amazon, for instance, says it has 90,000 full-time U.S. employees at its fulfillment and sorting centers—but it plans to bring on an estimated 100,000 seasonal workers to help handle this year’s peak. Many of these seasonal hires come through Integrity Staffing Solutions, a Delaware-based temp firm. The company’s website recently listed 22 corporate offices throughout the country, 15 of which were recruiting offices for Amazon fulfillment centers, including the one in Chester.”

Amazon Web Services Announces Amazon Machine Learning

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

AWS Announces $AMZN #MachineLearning Will it be useful for genomics?

Also, redshift PiKo-1 Electronic Peak Flow Meter and FEV1 Meter: Health & Personal Care

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

On Amazon but reviews indicate that computer interface is a bit problematic