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Killing Animals at the Zoo

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Killing Animals at the Zoo – via public dissection Disneyfication of the wild v cruelty to favorite cuddlies


“In response to the death of Marius, Rufus Gifford, the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, wrote on Facebook, “I find the situation to be disturbing and the video hard to watch.” Danes responded by referring to the U.S. death penalty, and to a proposal, then in the news, to cull two thousand swans in New York. A few months later, Gifford was interviewed in a Danish magazine; without referring directly to the case, he sought to rehabilitate the word “Disneyfied.” He defined it as American optimism: “It means that we always believe in a ‘happy ending,’ that we can get married to the prince, become a millionaire, and save the world.” (Through a spokesman, Gifford said that the State Department would not allow him to comment further.) Holst told me that he wasn’t sure if Gifford’s comments about Marius were”