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Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Useful Facts about Quality Control in Exome Sequencing (Ts/Tv)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 QT:”
The transition transversion ratio in human is observed to be around 2.1 and this can be used as a confirmation for the filtering in a snp discovery project.
Proportion of dbSNPs
Most of the genetic variants in any one individual have been previously observed in other individuals. Thus, it is usually a good diagnostic to investigate what fraction of variants in an individual genome have been previously described in dbSNP.
….The dbSNP database is being constantly updated so that currently (mid-2010) we’d expect >90% of the variants in an individual genome to have been previously discovered….
Transition to Transversion Ratio
…transitions (changes from A <-> G and C <-> T) are expected to occur twice as frequently as transversions (changes from A <-> C, A <-> T, G <-> C or G <-> T). Thus, another useful diagnostic is the ratio of transitions to transversions in a particular set of SNP calls. ….
Across the entire genome the ratio of transitions to transversions is typically around 2. In protein coding regions, this ratio is typically higher, often a little above 3. The higher ratio occurs because, especially when they occur in the third base of a codon, transitions are much more likely to change the encoded amino acid. “