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America’s Top Spy James Clapper and the Future of Cyberwar and Surveillance | WIRED

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

America’s Top Spy James Clapper He drives around DC in a black, armored SUV w/ its own satellite dish. Wow!

Clapper’s life is a whirl of video teleconferences and non­descript spaces—subterranean briefing rooms, flatscreen-lined command centers, and eavesdropping-proof chambers called sensitive compartmented informa­tion facilities, or SCIFs (pronounced “skiffs” in spookspeak). His armored, antenna-topped black SUV—more tank than car—even has a satellite dish to keep Clapper in secure contact wherever he’s driving around DC. When he travels, a special team converts a hotel room into a secure communi­cations suite. His digital hearing aids are regularly checked by security to ensure that no foreign adversary is listening, and his counterintelligence team dumbs down the iPads he uses to brief the president in the Oval Office so that they can’t transmit or eavesdrop.