Stephen King’s Family Business

.@StephenKing’s Family Business 4 writers: father, 2 sons & a daughter-in-law

Tabitha is an accomplished writer with eight novels to her credit, and two of their three children, Joe and Owen, are novelists. (Naomi is a Unitarian Universalist minister.) Joe’s “NOS4A2,” a sprawling mix of horror and fantasy that is his third critically praised best seller, was published last April; Owen’s second work of fiction, a
well-received comedic novel titled “Double Feature,” was published in March. Owen, perhaps inevitably, married a writer, Kelly Braffet, whose third novel, a literary thriller called “Save Yourself,” is out this month. And Stephen’s much-anticipated sequel to the “The Shining,” titled “Doctor Sleep,” comes out this fall.

Circus performers, klezmer musicians — those are the kinds of entertainers we usually expect to see in a family business, not writers.

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