Common SNPs explain a large proportion of the heritability for human height : Nature Genetics : Nature Research

Common SNPs explain a large proportion (45%) of heritability for…height (85%) Cf 2010 GWASes could only explain 5%

Jian Yang,
Beben Benyamin,
Brian P McEvoy,
Scott Gordon,
Anjali K Henders,
Dale R Nyholt,
Pamela A Madden,
Andrew C Heath,
Nicholas G Martin,
Grant W Montgomery,
Michael E Goddard
& Peter M Visscher

Nature Genetics 42, 565–569 (2010) doi:10.1038/ng.608

…conveniently implemented with a mathematically equivalent model that uses the SNPs to calculate the genomic relationship between pairs of subjects). Using this approach, we estimated the proportion of pheno­typic variance explained by the SNPs as 0.45 (s.e. = 0.08, Table 1), a nearly tenfold increase relative to the 5% explained by published and validated individual SNPs

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