LinkedIn’s Plan for World Domination

LinkedIn’s Plan for World Domination No job security, everyone’s an entrepreneur, enlarging prof’l #networks is key

“Manyika understood that not every chief executive in Silicon Valley could sign the statement, but he was gently trying to pull Hoffman to the left, and he knew how to frame the argument so that it would appeal to him. He went on, “We cannot ignore this problem. Right now, everybody’s punting. We know the share of income that goes to wages is a declining portion, compared with capital expenditures. What does that mean for jobs? Entrepreneurship is part of the answer. Mass-scale entrepreneurship. Before you even get to A.I.”

“You have to be able to let people adapt,” Hoffman said. “You have to have cheap resources to put across the whole system. How do you get inclusion within the tech ecosystem?”

“Very few of the programs have scale,” Manyika said.

“You have to scale to infinite,” Hoffman said.

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