Lego car becomes an avatar for a worm

#Lego car becomes an avatar for a worm Powered by adapting nematode neural #connectome for sound, instead of food

Remember the OpenWorm project, in which researchers reproduced the
genome of a nematode worm digitally and made it wiggle around on a
screen? If you take the "brain" of that worm and use it to power a
robotic car, you end up with researcher Timothy Busbice’sWormBot. He
mapped the software into a Lego Mindstorms EV3 bot, then trained it to
follow sound the way a nematode follows food. When he whistles to
"call" the bot, it heads toward him and even stops and reverses if it
detects an obstacle (using the EV3’s sonar) — even though it was
programmed to do none of those things.


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