Umami Burger Comes to New York, Armed With One Addictive Ingredient — Grub Street New York

The word umami was first popularized in the early 1900s by a Tokyo scientist named Kikunae Ikeda, who invented the term (the very loose translation in ­Japanese is “deliciousness”) to describe the flavor-­enhancing properties of glutamic acid, essentially known as MSG. The “fifth” taste (the other four being sweet, sour, salty, and bitter), as its believers call it, and I am one of them, is the tangy, faintly acidic, deeply addictive flavor that you feel in the back of your mouth when you eat a whole range of foods like gently cooked tomatoes, or anchovies, or a crunchy, ­caramelized, well-seared piece of beef. It’s one of the keys to the enduring appeal of the great Asian-food cultures (Japanese miso, soy sauce, and Thai nam pla fish sauce are veritable umami bombs)…

#Umami #Burger Comes to New York – has a good description of 5th taste via @panyungchih

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