Wearable Device Analyzes Sweat To Monitor User’s Health | January 28, 2016 Issue – Vol. 94 Issue 5 | Che mical & Engineering News

#Wearable Device Analyzes Sweat To Monitor…Health
http://CEN.acs.org/articles/94/i5/Wearable-Device-Analyzes-Sweat-Monitor.html Going beyond @fitbit. Measures glucose, K+ & 2 other metabolites


http://cen.acs.org/articles/91/web/2013/07/Biosensor-Sticks-Skin-Detects-Metabolite.html Biosensor Sticks To Skin And Detects Metabolite In Sweat

Transfer tattoo measures lactate levels for real-time monitoring of physical exertion
By Alexander Hellemans

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