Genome evolution during progression to breast cancer

Daniel E. Newburger1,6,
Dorna Kashef-Haghighi2,6,
Ziming Weng3,6,
Raheleh Salari2,
Robert T. Sweeney3,
Alayne L. Brunner3,
Shirley X. Zhu3,
Xiangqian Guo3,
Sushama Varma3,
Megan L. Troxell4,
Robert B. West3,7,
Serafim Batzoglou2,7 and
Arend Sidow3,5,7

Published in Advance April 8, 2013, doi:10.1101/gr.151670.112 Genome Res. 2013. 23:1097-1108

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