Network Legos: Building Blocks of Cellular Wiring Diagrams | Abstract

#Network Legos: Building Blocks of Cellular Wiring Diagrams Active subnets from protein interactions & co-expression

This paper describes a top-down, set-theoretic approach to comparing gene expression network dynamics under multiple conditions. The method takes an input “wiring diagram” of gene interactions as well as gene expression datasets, which are used to derive interaction profiles composed of enriched genes. Sets of these interaction profiles are used to identify statistically significant “network blocks”
representing network modules underlying the various enriched profiles. These blocks are then organized in a directed acyclic graph in order to identify “network legos”, which represent the most fundamental building blocks of the enriched gene expression networks. The authors demonstrate the utility of the method by identifying a differentially enriched pathway in various forms of leukemia and finding common network modules activated by two human cell types in response to different cellular stresses.

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