PubMed Help – Searching for specific last and first authors

From some useful field descriptors, include:

Last author = [Lastau]
First author = [1au]
Grant = [GR]

Here are some examples employing these from the end of 2012:

(1) My overall query {Q} (from papers page, =

((Gerstein M[Author] NOT (1957[dp] : 1990[dp])) NOT 10787728[UID] NOT 11744447[UID] NOT 14663468[UID] NOT 14730174[UID] NOT 16081066[UID] NOT 14663468[UID] NOT 17270657[UID] NOT 21243890[UID] NOT
21406498[UID] NOT 21945273[UID]OR 15499007[UID] OR 17571346[UID] OR 17571346[UID] OR 8877505[UID] OR 8816770[UID] OR 7540695[UID] OR 7567918[UID] OR 7567918[UID] OR 7577841[UID] OR 7567917[UID] OR 7643385[UID] OR 8749848[UID] OR 8808580[UID] OR 8120887[UID] OR 8029203[UID] OR 8204609[UID] OR 7922041[UID] OR 7584390[UID] OR 8078776[UID] OR 8428572[UID] OR 8429559[UID] OR 8464069[UID] OR 8234227[UID] OR 8230220[UID] OR 1584800[UID] OR 2067013[UID] OR 20981092[UID] OR 21526222[UID])

==> yields 426 papers (from my total of 449)

(2) Last author papers

(2a) Gerstein M[Lastau] AND {Q}
==> yields 242 last author papers

(2b) GM[GR] AND Gerstein M[lastau] AND {Q}
==> yields 33 of 242 last author papers supported by NIH/NIGMS

(2c) GM[HG] AND Gerstein M[lastau] AND {Q}
==> yields 45 of 242 last author papers supported by NIH/NHGRI

(3) 1st author papers

(3a) Gerstein M[1au] AND {Q}
==> yields 41 first author papers

(3b) Gerstein M[lastau] AND Gerstein M[1au] AND {Q}
==> yields 11 sole author papers

(4) Reviews

Gerstein M[lastau] AND review[PT] NOT PLOS ONE[Journal] AND {Q} ==> yields 19 Reviews

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