And a Glossary of Their Quarry

Glossary of Their Quarry. #exoplanet types: circumbinary, pulsar, core & rogue. Hot Jupiters, waterworlds, #exomoons

And a Glossary of Their Quarry.

Quoting from the podcast summary…


So far, scientists have uncovered over 800 exoplanets roaming the cosmos—but as Sara Seager said earlier, we’re still searching for that Earth-like, Goldilocks planet.

Most of the planets we’ve discovered up until this point are what’s called Hot

Jupiters, which are gas giants about the size of Jupiter in our solar system with a pretty

big range on either side, so the smallest Hot Jupiters would be about 50 Earth masses.

The nastiest place to live would probably be pulsar planets.

And I

think another really unpleasant place to be would be a core planet. So core planets, they

sort of resemble something like Mercury, the size of Mercury, maybe even smaller.

I think just like in the solar system, actually, some of the best places for potentially

finding life outside of our solar system might be moons. So we call them exomoons or

moons orbiting exoplanets.

But we have seen and are seeing more and more of are theses
circumbinary planets,

which means a planet with two suns. So, Tatooine is sort of the iconic example.

Yes, waterworlds. So those are pretty diverse, and they are usually super-Earth-size so

they’ll be like 10 times the mass of Earth.

And then there are some planets that just go rogue.


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