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Thank you for your purchase of Eyeball 2.0, the USB webcam with both HD audio and video.
The Eyeball has been designed to be used in a variety of positions, from mounting
on the top of most laptops to sitting on a desk or other raised surface. To open the
Eyeball from its protective travel container, just grasp the opposite ends of the
container and gently pull them apart. The Eyeball can now be set up in a variety of positions, as shown in the pictures below.
When you’re ready to take the Eyeball on the road, simply retract the Eyeball’s camera (more on that in a minute), coil the USB cable back inside the housing and
snap both pieces back together. Presto! The Eyeball is ready to go mobile! Note: When transporting or storing the Eyeball, rotate the head down, so that the metal grill faces into the Eyeball’s container (this will keep dust and debris from interfering with the Eyeball’s sensitive audio components). Keep the Eyeball away from intense heat and moisture!
The Eyeball is shipped with its
retractable camera in the open position. To close
the camera, hold the Eyeball’s head with one hand
and push the camera extension in with your finger
until it clicks shut. To bring the camera out again,
gently push in on the end of the extension and the
camera will spring back out to its open position. The
Eyeball’s head can swivel in almost any direction,
but be careful not to overtwist the Eyeball, as this
can lead to excessive wear and void your warranty

” (END-QT)

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