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From Mars.. adventures in women’s #publishing: Why many writing cheaply beats a few pricey articles. MT @peterjblack


Interesting discussion of the economics of web publishing: why it’s better to get lots of people to cheaply write articles than rely on a few well written but expensive pieces

From Mars: A young man’s adventures in women’s publishing.

By the time it was sold to Turner, Bleacher Report was making tens of millions of dollars a year. Brian Morrissey, the editor of Digiday, recently explained how publishers like Bleacher Report have managed to succeed by “gaming the Internet ad system.” Advertising on the Web is cheap: Bleacher Report charges roughly fifty dollars for every thousand people who see their most expensive type of ad, a “homepage takeover.” Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated, whose circulation is three million, charges almost four hundred thousand dollars for a full-page color ad. But, Morrissey said, “You make up for low ad rates by producing as many page views as possible at low costs.” A
well-researched exposé, such as the one Sports Illustrated recently ran about N.C.A.A. violations by the Oklahoma State football team, may take many months of work from a highly paid reporter and editor. But, in the end, Morrissey said, “it yields the same revenue as a ‘25 Sexiest Female Athletes Who Can Kick Your Ass’ post, which costs, like, two hundred dollars.”

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