Potential Classes for an Undergraduate Major in Bioinformatics

I list below a number of courses that I think should be
included/excluded from the undergrad bioinformatics program. This is based on a discussion with a student who did an undergraduate double major in CS and Biology.

The courses that I think essential for the program are:

– Algorithms, Data structures, Cell & Molecular biology, and Genetics

The courses that I think should be included in the program are:

– Discrete mathematics, Algorithms on strings, Computational complexity, Statistics, Data mining and Databases, Machine Learning, Biochemistry, Unix/Linux operating system, Scripting Languages (Perl and/or Python), and Scientific writing

The courses that I think might less important are:

– Computer architecture, Compiler theory, Circuit design, Inorganic chemistry, and Chemical engineering

Curious to get people’s thoughts on this. Feel free to comment or email me (http://contact.gerstein.info).

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