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Hysteresis in a quantized #superfluid atomtronic circuit
http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v506/n7487/full/nature12958.html Moving atoms instead of electrons for future storage devices

Stephen Eckel,
Jeffrey G. Lee,
Fred Jendrzejewski,
Noel Murray,
Charles W. Clark,
Christopher J. Lobb,
William D. Phillips,
Mark Edwards
& Gretchen K. Campbell

Nature 506, 200–203 (13 February 2014) doi:10.1038/nature12958

Atomtronics1, 2 is an emerging interdisciplinary field that seeks to develop new functional methods by creating devices and circuits where ultracold atoms, often superfluids, have a role analogous to that of electrons in electronics. Hysteresis is widely used in electronic circuits—it is routinely observed in superconducting circuits3 and is essential in radio-frequency superconducting quantum interference devices4. Furthermore, it is as fundamental to superfluidity5 …. “}}

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