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How the #NSA Almost Killed the #Internet: Will personal data need to be stored in country of origin? HT @fpine (1/2)

Good qt from Myhrvold: considering… threat of terrorists with bio.. degrees… tough surveillance measures might not be so bad. (2/2)

There are others who argue that we may regret even modest constraints on the NSA. Former Microsoft research head Nathan Myhrvold recently wrote a hair-raising treatise arguing that, considering the threat of terrorists with biology degrees who could wipe out a good portion of humanity, tough surveillance measures might not be so bad. Myhrvold calls out the tech companies for hypoc-risy. They argue that the NSA should stop exploiting information in the name of national security, he says, but they are more than happy to do the same thing in pursuit of their bottom lines. “The cost is going to be lower efficiency in finding terrorist plots–and that cost means blood,” he says. “}}

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