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The services, ScanCafe of Burlingame, Calif., and DigMyPics of Gilbert, Ariz., have many things in common. They accept almost any photograph or video format you can throw at them: slides, negatives, snapshots, videotapes and even Super 8 movie film. And they not only scan your images, but also employ technicians to correct flaws by balancing colors, removing scratches and undoing red eye.

The turnaround for each is roughly similar. DigMyPics estimates that it takes about two weeks to scan a typical order of 1,000 snapshots; ScanCafe requires about three weeks. …The major difference between the two services is cost. DigMyPics conducts all its operations in the United States, while ScanCafe outsources part of its scanning and editing to Bangalore, India. Because it saves on labor costs, ScanCafe is significantly cheaper than DigMyPics and other services, charging 29 cents an image for standard snapshots. At DigMyPics, the price is 39 cents… – 1-866-364-5952 – (866) 745-0392

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